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Macon-Piatt Special Education
Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures
Welcome to MPSED - Policies & Procedures! Here at Macon-Piatt Special Education, we are committed to providing the best educational experience for students with special needs. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that every student receives the support and resources they need to thrive academically and socially. From the initial evaluation process to the development of individualised education plans, we follow a comprehensive approach that focuses on the unique needs of each student. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with parents, teachers, and other specialists to create a collaborative and inclusive environment. We believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and our policies and procedures reflect that commitment. Explore this page to learn more about our special education policies and procedures and how they contribute to the success of our students.
MPSED District Policies and Procedures
Section 01 - Free Appropriate Public Education and Comprehensive Programs
Section 02 - Full Educational Opportunity Goal
Section 03 - Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information
Section 04 - Child Identification/Child Find
Section 05 - Evaluation and Determination of Eligibility
Section 06 - Individualised Education Programs
Section 07 - Serving Students in the Least Restrictive Environment
Section 08 - Transition of Children Served Under Part C of IDEA into Preschool Programs
Section 09 - Serving Students Who Attend Nonpublic Schools
Section 10 - Procedural Safeguards
Section 11 - Behavioral Intervention and Discipline
Section 12 - Students’ Participation in Assessments
Section 13 - Provision of Extended School Year Services
Section 14 - Use of Federal Matching Funds Under The Medicaid
Section 15 - Public Participation
Section 16 - Personnel Development
Section 17 - Policy and Procedures Development
MPSED Executative Board Policies and Procedures
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