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Data Systems
This past year has seen many changes to the systems used for data entry, storage and access. This past school year we switched from FileMaker and the SEDS database for IEPs over to Embrace IEP. At this point, all current IEPs should be in and available via Embrace IEP. The SEDS system will continue to be available for now, but only as a historical reference. All current and new IEP information should be recorded in Embrace IEP. This past fall, we also started using Embrace 504 to assist Principals and their staff in writing their 504 plans for students. Another first for last year was that we started using FileMaker to enable staff to enter their information for Health Assessments, Assessment of Learning Environment, and Current Educational Functioning forms. The forms are accessed via the web, but are being generated, stored and processed by our FileMaker Server. FileMaker via the web was used to implement the new App Request for iPads systems also.

This year we will be switching from Tames to Embrace for our Medicaid billing. Any services provided prior to July 1 will be billed through the current system. Starting July 1, our professional staff who provide services to students will be using Embrace DS rather than FileMaker to record their services. The FileMaker Server, via the web, will continue to be used to complete App Request, Current Educational Functioning, Assessment of Learning Environment, and Health Assessment forms. FileMaker will also continue to be used via the new SRS system for staff related forms, (mileage, timesheets, etc.). Some of our district forms for students will be added to the SRS system to give staff another option for completing necessary forms which are not currently part of the Embrace IEP system.
Response to Interventions
Measurable Goals
Writing Measurable Goals

Our friends at the Illinois State Board of Education wanted to make sure we passed along the following links to help with understanding the process for writing measurable goals.  This is also embedded in the updated Power Point, and subsequent PDF of the notes section.  

Developing Meaningful IEPs and Utilizing the New Illinois Learning Standards at (under "Recent Webinars"); and

The webinar in section A is approximately 45 minutes long.  The Quality tutorial is a project from the University of Illinois – Champaign.  Some of our teachers participated in this project in the past few years.  

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  We recognize some of our goals are harder to benchmark in the format we outlined earlier.  Related service providers have begun the discussion in focus groups to determine best solutions for each unique area.  Contact your SEA liaison if you would like to learn more information.  

Download Writing Measurable Goals presentation (PDF Version)

CPI Training
SUMMER 2019 CPI Schedule
If you are a DPS employee, you can find these in Frontline/MLP in order to sign up for a session. If you are a county employee please contact Rise' Davis, with the dates and name(s) of the staff you would like added to the list.  Rise' will be at all of the check ins (for payroll issues).

Macon-Piatt Special Education Training Room
The MPSED Training room can be accessed through the double doors labelled G, facing Franklin St. Please use the parking lot on the other side of the viaduct.
Mt. Zion Intermediate School
Professional Development Institute,
Other Trainings
Lift Training Video
In order to watch this video and complete the attached verfication please contact Angie Held, MPSED Pyshical Therapist, to get the required user login id and password needed to access the video link below.
Practitioner Training - embraceDS
EmbraceDS webinar training will be offered for our practitioners who need to submit services for medicaid billing. The webinars will be held on Thursday August 29th, 2019 from 3:00p.m. to 4:30p.m.and on Friday August 30th, 2019 from 7:30a.m. to 9:00a.m. The location for the trainings are yet to be determined. Additional details on location and sign=up process will be post once available.
Additional Resouces
Below are some websites and links which staff and teachers might find helpful.
Additional Resources:

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