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Support Staff
Camiya Brown
  • Special Education Records Secretary

Dawn Clark
Ext. 942005
  • Fee for Service Coordinator: Medicaid Data Entry & Reports

Carly Eversole
Ext. 942001
  • Secretary to Assistant Director, SEAs and Vocational Program, Receptionist

LaToya Lewis
Ext. 942006
  • Data Analyst: Child Count, Pink Sheets, Class lists, Data Entry of Student Information & Transmittal

Ellyn Lord
Ext. 942004
  • Claims & Statistical Information Analyst: Federal Grants, reimbursement & tuition billing

Terrainne Martin
  • Secretary to Director, Payroll

Jim Robinson
Ext. 942022
  • Computer Technology Support: Database development/maintenance, hardware and application support

Jennifer Weisner
Ext. 982002
  • SELA Secretary

Jennifer York
Ext. 942003
  • Medicaid Coordinator: Administrative Outreach, Time Studies, Requisitions, Home Study

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