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Macon-Piatt Special Education District
Committed to providing quality, student-focused, special education services
Committed to providing quality, student-focused, special education services
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Support Staff

Support Staff Assignments
Please use this chart to assist in determining who to ask for information.
Dawn Clark
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942005
Fee for Service Coordinator: Medicaid Data Entry & Reports
Carly Eversole
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942002
Special Education Records Secretary
LaToya Lewis
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942006
Data Analyst: Child Count, Pink Sheets, Classlists, Data Entry of Student Information & Transmittal
Ellyn Lord
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942001
Secretary to Assistant Director,SEAs and Vocational Program, Receptionist
Terrainne Martin
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942000
Secretary to Director, Payroll
Jo Mehr
(217) 362-3300
Ext. 512001
Pershing ECE Computerized IEP & Data Entry Information
Jim Robinson
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942022
Computer Technology Support: Database development/maintenance, hardware and application support
Laurie Van Natta
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942004
Claims & Statistical Information Analyst: Federal Grants, reimbursement & tuition billing
Vickie Vieth
(217) 362-3055
Ext. 942003
Medicaid Coordinator: Administrative Outreach, Time Studies, Requisitions, Home Study
Macon-Piatt Special Education
335 E. Cerro Gordo Street
Decatur, IL 62523
(217) 362-3055
Fax (217) 424-3022
Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
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335 E. Cerro Gordo Street
Decatur, IL 62522
(217) 424-3030
Fax (217) 424-3022
Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm
Kathy Horath

Sarah Evans
Assistant Director
Special Education Alternative Program
1900 E. Cleveland Ave.
Decatur, IL 62521
(217) 362-3310
Fax (217) 424-3092
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